Here at Success Stream we focus on SEO and Conversion Optimisation, not as some illusional quick fix strategies…they are so much more, hand in hand, encompassing user experience testing and measuring. Reality is that if you want a strong, well recognised, user converting websites and landing page funnels and your not serious about these ‘Big Two’…you seriously need to rethink what’s your doing, if you want your online marketing to pack a powerful punch!.

Over the years, SEO and Conversion Optimisation have become critical for savvy businesses that want to continually get the highest level of conversion from their website and landing page funnels.

Google changes its algorithm literally hundreds of times a year. It adapts to the changing influence of user related onsite behaviour, and with it SEO becomes more complex and masterful.

Permanently ranking well in any of the search engines, including Google, demands an extensive SEO and Conversion Optimised strategy, focused digital asset, at every layer. The technical stuff, the user experience, the content on your website and even the security of your website are all critical components of how you manage your digital assets. To keep ranking well in Google, you need to develop and manage, what we call an holistic SEO and Conversion Optimised approach.

Make your website Google’s best friend!

While Google has changed its algorithm numerous times over the years, essentially our advice has remained unchanged. Our advice is simple: you have to make sure your site is really, really user friendly and awesome! Don’t use any so called fast SEO ‘cheap plans’ or ‘expert’ thoughts on what colour button will get more clicks, that is unless they have a crystal ball! Fact is, only systemised testing will tell you this and dedicated experts that take an holistic approach to your SEO.

Quick fixes won’t get you higher rankings quickly, they usually don’t work in the long run, they won’t help significantly with your conversion rate and they might even get you slapped by Google.

Google’s mission is to deliver an amazing user centered search engine that helps people find what they are looking for. Click To Tweet

Ensuring that your website and your marketing strategy aligns with this goal is always the way to go. Focus on the user experience.

What’s in an holistic SEO approach?

An holistic SEO approach includes you focusing on:

  • good technical SEO;
  • a great user experience;
  • delivery of quality content; and
  • keeping your site secure.

Having an awesome website with high quality content, a great user experience and the best security you can get will not instantly improve your ranking on Google however, long term, it will definitely have a positive effect on your SEO.

Websites that are designed for and continue to measure user experience onsite,  have a lower bounce rate, a much higher conversion rate and to be shared socially.  These are the exact things you need to ensure that your website will rank and stay highly ranked in the long term. The tip here is to use conversion optimisation strategies onsite!

User centered websites will also result in higher conversions.

If your audience likes and understands your website, the chance of them buying your products or returning to your website is of course much higher.

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